The New National Minimum Wage from April 2023 is going UP!

From this April 2023, the national minimum wage is going up across the board – this means there’s a 10% payrise for all affected.

This means that someone full time currently earning a salary of £18,525 can expect their new salary to be £20,319 from the 1st April 2023.

This is the employer’s responsibility to ensure their staff are paid at least the NMW and not your accountant or payroll advisors! (although they may try to identify anyone affected as part of their service to you)

  • For employees whose birthday brings them into a NEW NMW bracket, the NEW rate kicks in in the NEXT pay date AFTER their birthday
  • If you have missed a start date, then you must back-pay them the additional rate as soon as possible

If we take care of your payroll and need LeeP Accountant’s help to work out your staff’s hourly rate to ensure you remain compliant, please get in touch on 01733 699033 or contact your usual payroll contact here at LeeP HQ.

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