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LeeP Accountant’s Top 6 Bookkeeping Tips To Make Your Accountant Happy!

LeeP Accountants top tips for a healthy relationship with your Accountant! It’s no secret that business owners have to wear many hats – and most would agree that the least exciting of those hats is the bookkeeper’s. A recent survey of businesses conducted by the ICAEW indicated that the #1 thing that slows down business growth…

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How to Keep on top of your debtors

When businesses run into cash flow difficulties, delaying payments to suppliers can become a problem. Keeping on top of your debtors is a vital part of keeping your business afloat. Make sure you keep on top of your debtors, and your cashflow by implementing a debt collection policy. An example of a typical debt collection…

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Top 5 Tax Mistakes That Cost You Money

It’s that time of year. The time when we all start looking at our pile of receipts and mountain of tax forms with dread. When preparing your tax return, even a little mistake can cause problems. You could end up with a larger tax bill than you should, your refund could be delayed, or ever…

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