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  • Taxable and non-taxable income Yesterday a client asked me about whether insurance payouts were a taxable income for her which got me thinking about writing a post on the less well known forms of taxable and non-taxable income as a quick reference guide for business owners. Some of these may surprise you….   Non-taxable income […]

  • Getting tax relief on pensions means some of your money that would have gone to the government as tax goes into your pension instead. You can put as much as you want into your pension, but there are annual and lifetime limits on how much tax relief you get on your pension contributions.

  • In general, money you earn from hosting is income and will be subject to tax. However depending on the amount you earn from hosting, it may or may not need to be declared to HM Revenue & Customs. So what’s the current situation? If you’re renting out your entire or even just a room of […]

  • If you are self employed you can build up your pension contributions record to ensure you qualify for the full state pension of £155.65/ week (16/17 tax year) by paying class 2 NI contributions.  Class 2 NI is currently £2.80/ week. 

  • The state pension is currently £155.65/ week but ONLY if you have completed a full 35 “qualifying” years of contribution through the National Insurance contributions that you pay.  Each year that you are short of this number of Qualifying years your pension will be reduced by £4.45/ week.  LeeP can help you plan a tax […]

  • The pension age this tax year is 65 for men and 63 for women. This will increase to 68 for both sexes. You can calculate what your state pension age will be on the SPA calculator on GOV.UK. 

  • LeeP Financial, Unit 3F Forward House, Aston Business Park, Shrewsbury Avenue, PE2 7EY Peterborough, United Kingdom
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aidan harrison
aidan harrison
14:59 05 Jul 18
An extremely professional service, which is very helpful giving a fresh approach to all financial needs. They are very responsive and will help you understand all matters with ease. Highly recommended to all businesses and sole traders.
L A W Moore
L A W Moore
15:51 08 Jun 18
Super service in plain English, making it easy to understand without all the usual accounting gobbledegook that you can get from other financial companies. I will always use Leep for all my accounting queries in the future. Very helpful team. Great stuff!
Caropal Group Website
Caropal Group Website
11:15 02 Jul 18
Excellent service and excellent Accountants. I am very happy to be a client and have no hesitation in recommending them.
Michael Dixon
Michael Dixon
13:31 23 Jan 18
Polly and her team show a high degree of professionalism and bespoke advice based on the interactions we have had with them since forming a limited company several months ago. We have found them to be very personable and approachable both in person and via email and phone. Their proactive phone calls and emails really help us to stay focused and they are always willing to help and answer questions. We would both highly recommend the Leep team to anyone who is looking for sound financial/accounts advice.
Simon Hargreaves
Simon Hargreaves
14:52 20 Mar 18
LeeP Financial are like the Charlie's Angels of accountancy; smart, sassy and they always solve the mystery – luckily for me, that's the mystery of my financial arrangements. As a small freelance business, LeeP gave me their full attention and took a weight off my mind. Highly recommended.
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