Not Happy With Your Accountant? Find Out What’s Involved In Swapping

One of the most common scenarios we come across is this:

Business owner is a little (or a lot) unhappy with the level of service they are getting from their Accountant, and yet they are reluctant to change because “better the devil you know right?”.

There’s also the uncertainty of “out of the frying pan into the fire” plus they’re not quite sure what’s involved in swapping.


Well here’s the short and long of how we switch Accountants to demystify things…


1 . First up, do some research – check out Accountants local to you and read their client reviews, make sure the service and the fees are what you expect


2. Have a conversation with your potential new accountant to see if they “Fit” you – the way you work, the rapport and how they explain things. It’s more important to find the right accountant for you than a cheap one


3 . Once you’ve made the decision to switch this is what happens (with our firm anyways):

  1. LeeP will send you a letter of disengagement for you to forward to your previous accountant – thanking them for their services but informing them that you will be moving due to [locality/ price/ recommendation/ etc]
  2. Once the previous accountant has been informed, that is the end of your dealings with them (assuming you have no outstanding invoices owed to them)
  3. LeeP will then write to them for professional clearance and previous year’s information.


Easy peasy in 3 easy steps.

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