Month: November 2017

What’s New In The Autumn Budget?

In Summary, the Autumn Budget today impacts your business and personal finances in the following ways: Stamp Duty has been abolished for all new home purchases costing £300,000 or less. This means a potential saving of £3,500 compared to the old stamp duty of 2% on homes costing more than £125,000. This means that if…

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Christmas party tax tip

If you’re having a Christmas party (or any other annual event) there is an exemption of up to £150/pp you can spend and it’s all tax free! The conditions The total cost must not exceed £150 per head, per year. £150 includes VAT together with any extra costs such as transport and accommodation. The £150…

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Tips On Managing The Interest Rate Increase

A recent survey conducted by the MAS revealed that 18% of all home owners with mortgages didn’t realise that an increase in the bank of England interest rate might mean an increase in their mortgage repayments. With the recent 0.25% increase in the Bank of England (BoE) Interest rate coupled with further increases expected, what…

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