Month: February 2017

LeeP tip#20 – saving time with Quickbooks

Download the Quickbooks App into your phone and every time you spend on business, take a picture of the receipt using your smartphone camera and hey presto! That’s your bookkeeping done!  Call LeeP for more practical advice on looking after your finances 01733 699033 or email [email protected] The top tier Quickbooks subscription is included in…

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Saving for your tax bill

Tip #9- we know we should do it but many of us still don’t- keep 20% of all your income back for paying your taxes. Put it into a separate bank account that you don’t touch maybe. Then you won’t get hit with a nasty surprise from the tax man months down the line because…

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Making Tax Digital is here!

HMRC’s Making Tax Digital director Theresa Middleton said on Tuesday that she expected to see end-to-end MTD software in the next couple of months that will be able to keep digital records digitally, categorise expenses and produce a summary submission for HMRC. HMRC will record the details and present them to the taxpayer in their…

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