Richard Uglow Avatar
Richard Uglow
19/03/20 - Google

LeeP are a real success story in the local business community and support that community in so many ways with advice and help on day-to-day business matters. Polly and her team are a breath of fresh air and a joy to liaise with!

Shaun Beck Avatar
Shaun Beck
19/03/20 - Google

I changed over to LeeP just a couple of months ago - already the difference is remarkable! Proactive, supportive and technical stuff explained in plain and simple language! Lewis has been great, and I look forward to continuing to work together 🙂

Rob Rough Avatar
Rob Rough
16/03/20 - Google

Ive been using Polly and LeeP accountants for the last few years, they took over my accounts that were a complete mess and worked through hundreds of invoices and receipts without a blink of an eye to get my business on track, they are ALWAYS there when i need them and nothing is too much trouble. Polly is soooo knowledgeable and will always try to help whether its advise on accounting on business in general she is an absolute diamond and i feel very lucky to have found her company. ive recently been allocated to Lewis who is fantastic and completely on the ball with how my business operates, i cannot recommend them enough. Rob RoughDirectorPeterborough Property Maintenance

Secure Home Electrics Avatar
Secure Home Electrics
16/03/20 - Google

Fantastic Team. I can always trust Polly and her team to keep me organised, solving problems ahead of time and they have the ability to clear up issues with the tax authorities in no time which would take me days to sort out. They keep an eye on my accounts through Quickbooks and also provide training and guidance. If you are thinking of going elsewhere Dont LeeP are great.

Dan Russell Avatar
Dan Russell
16/03/20 - Google

I contacted LeeP to help with questions I had regarding the changes to tax allowance and the impact this would have on me as a landlord. Polly was extremely knowledgeable and professional. Her support an guidance was very helpful Thank you 🙂

Sandy Winn Avatar
Sandy Winn
16/03/20 - Google

A very professional and personable service. Highly recommended.

Brett Jones Avatar
Brett Jones
16/03/20 - Google

I have been with LeeP Accountants for a few months now and it is a breath of fresh air compared to my last firm. They are not only good at my accounts but they are great at communication and will not leave you in the dark. They are highly recommended by me. Well done Polly and the team.

David Cartwright Avatar
David Cartwright
16/03/20 - Google

I find them very helpful and approachable, and they get back with queries very speedily. Letting me get on with my business.

Tim Wood Avatar
Tim Wood
16/02/20 - Google

I would highly recommend leep. I changed from a bigger company who just didn't provide the service and the knowledge that leep do. They are doing a great job and always happy to help and give advice. I would highly recommend leep accountants.