Time to buy a new car before 1st April 2017

As result of car manufacturers making their cars so much more “green”, the treasury now needs to fill their road tax “hole” and new road tax rules come into force this Spring in order to recoup this deficit. 

The New car Vehicle Excise Duty will rise considerably from 1st April and will impact low emission vehicles too! Check out this handy guide from Autoexpress

So if you drive a C-max or Quasquai then you could see a hike from you current zero road tax to £180. If you drive something like a Honda CRV you could be stung for £800! Sports car owners could face bills of £2,000 for road tax!

This only applies to new cars registered from 1 April 17. 

So if you are thinking of buying a new car then I’d seriously consider buying it before 1st April 2017! 

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