Annual Returns are No More!

Did you know that the Annual Return for Companies has been replaced by the Annual Confirmation Statement?

The Annual Confirmation Statement is a longer more detailed version of the old Annual Return but it still costs the same – £13 if you submit on line or £40 if you send in by post.


When do I need to do it?

The due date is usually a year after either:

  • the date your company incorporated
  • the date you filed your last annual return or confirmation statement

You can file your confirmation statement up to 14 days after the due date.


What information do I need to submit?

  1. Confirmation statement: This is a statement you must file with us confirming the information that we hold for your company is up to date.
  2. People with significant control: Your company is required to keep a register of individuals or legal entities that have control over them. This information must be provided as part of your confirmation statement.
  3. Share capital: A company with share capital must deliver a statement of capital with the confirmation statement. This is only necessary if there’s been a change in the statement of capital since the last statement was delivered to the registrar.
  4. Company registers: A private company may choose to hold certain information on the public record at Companies House instead of having to update the information in its own company books (e.g. register of directors). This information can be updated alongside the confirmation statement.


What if I don’t do it?

  1. If you don’t do this, there could be serious consequences. The registrar might assume your company isn’t carrying on business or in operation and take steps to strike it from the register. If the registrar strikes a company off the register, it ceases to exist and its assets become Crown property.
  2. If your company’s in operation, the company, its directors and any other officers could be prosecuted because they’re responsible for ensuring they submit the confirmation statement on time.
  3. Failing to do this is a criminal offence.
  4. You could be fined up to £5,000

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