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  • Well, with Brexit looming and the population on tenterhooks about what might or might-not happen, the chancellor has opted for a conciliatory approach to try to win tax payers over. The main points of interest for small business owners are: The personal allowance threshold, the rate at which people start paying income tax at 20%, […]

  • The Chancellor is under some pressure to announce the end to austerity, raise NHS funding and give the country a “We-are-under-control” perception ahead of Brexit – so what has he got planned? Budget Day this year is 29th October 2018 and here’s what is speculated to be in store for us folk: 1 . A […]

  • Our client (an electrical engineer) recently asked us about the tax benefits of having a company van instead of a company car and then the conversation went on to the type of van he could buy and still enjoy the tax benefits. So the conversation went a bit like this: Q: I want a new […]

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