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  • LeeP tip #10: #assets are what your business owns, #liabilities are what your business owes. The difference between the two = owners #equity

  • Download the Quickbooks App into your phone and every time you spend on business, take a picture of the receipt using your smartphone camera and hey presto! That’s your bookkeeping done!  Call LeeP for more practical advice on looking after your finances 01733 699033 or email The top tier Quickbooks subscription is included in […]

  • Tip #9- we know we should do it but many of us still don’t- keep 20% of all your income back for paying your taxes. Put it into a separate bank account that you don’t touch maybe. Then you won’t get hit with a nasty surprise from the tax man months down the line because […]

  • With the 5th April tax year end coming thick and fast. NOW is the time to talk to your accountant about how best to legitimately optimise your tax situation for your sole trader business. I say “Now” because you have just about enough time and options still available to you before 5th April to reduce […]

  • HMRC’s Making Tax Digital director Theresa Middleton said on Tuesday that she expected to see end-to-end MTD software in the next couple of months that will be able to keep digital records digitally, categorise expenses and produce a summary submission for HMRC. HMRC will record the details and present them to the taxpayer in their […]

  • Check out our Useful guide published in the Hampton and Stanground Gazettes here Business Expenses for the Freelance or Self Employed If you’re self-employed or work on a freelance basis, your business will have various running costs. You can deduct some of these costs to reduce your taxable profit as long as they’re allowable expenses. […]

  • LeeP tip #19- even if you aren’t officially appointed as a director – if you act as one then you are required to follow the directors code of conduct 

  • Tip #8- keep business vs out-of-pocket expenses separate. If your records are inspected by HMRC, they will check whether your bank balance in your accounts match the actual bank balance. Call LeeP to find out how we can help you keep things in order. 01733 699033 Or visit us at to see our affordable […]

  • If your taxable turnover is £83,000 or more over a 12 month period then you must register for and charge VAT to your customers. Contact LeeP to see how this impacts you! 01733 699033 If you do need to be registered for VAT then LeeP can do all the applications and submit your quarterly returns […]

  • Tip #7: save electronic copies of all your receipts in a folder by month. HMRC now accepts electronic copies #happyaccountant #bookkeeping

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