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  • Obviously. Although perspective clients may initially baulk at committing to additional costs, accountants can save businesses significant amounts of time and money by managing their financial affairs and alleviate the stress associated with paying tax bills. We can also take away the hassle of dealing with HMRC and being on hold which I know is […]

  • Many of business owners I have spoken to recently forget to claim for expenses either because they haven’t been given receipts, they have misfiled them as the receipts were emailed or the receipts have been lost. That’s potentially hundreds or even thousands of pounds of legitimate business expenses which could have reduced your business tax […]

  • Most bank statements are online these days – there will almost always be a download function where you can download each month’s/ quarter’s bank statement to save onto a “bank statement 2017” folder ready for you or your accountant at the end of the year. If you save it as an Excel (.xls) file then your […]

  • To encourage 400,000 people to sign up for the “public beta” testing programme starting next month HMRC is offering a “special treat” for participants by excusing them from having to complete an SA return Theresa Middleton – the lead on the MTD project for HMRC stated “It is not a question of opting out of […]

  • As result of car manufacturers making their cars so much more “green”, the treasury now needs to fill their road tax “hole” and new road tax rules come into force this Spring in order to recoup this deficit.  The New car Vehicle Excise Duty will rise considerably from 1st April and will impact low emission […]

  • LeeP tip#21: if you don’t use up this years ISA allowance of £15,240 by the 5th April then you lose it! If you have spare funds then make sure you invest it into a tax free ISA. From 6th April 2017 your ISA allowance increases to £20,000.

  • Whether you don’t have a car, or are simply car sharing to travel for business, you can claim 5p/ mile as an allowable business expense to set off against your business profits thereby reducing your taxable profits and ultimately reduce your tax liability. It might not amount to much, but, in the words of the […]

  • Many of us find numbers a bit boring- so how about jazzing up your numbers into a more visually attractive diagram such as a graph or Pie-Chart? Select the data you’d like to use, then simply INSERT graph or Pie-Chart! you can tailor the look and feel of the diagram by RIGHT clicking over the […]

  • If you are an environmentally friendly sort/ a fitness bod or simply want to commute by cycle as it’s quicker through traffic then did you know that you can claim 20p/mile for each mile cycled for business? This reduces your taxable income meaning you will pay less tax on your profits, get fitter and be […]

  • One way to raise finance for your company is Equity finance. Offer shares in your company in return for cash funding. This is like what they do in Dragins Den!  Make sure you do this properly by issuing the correct paperwork, getting the correct authorisations and notifying Companies House or else you might find yourself […]

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aidan harrison
aidan harrison
14:59 05 Jul 18
An extremely professional service, which is very helpful giving a fresh approach to all financial needs. They are very responsive and will help you understand all matters with ease. Highly recommended to all businesses and sole traders.
L A W Moore
L A W Moore
15:51 08 Jun 18
Super service in plain English, making it easy to understand without all the usual accounting gobbledegook that you can get from other financial companies. I will always use Leep for all my accounting queries in the future. Very helpful team. Great stuff!
Caropal Group Website
Caropal Group Website
11:15 02 Jul 18
Excellent service and excellent Accountants. I am very happy to be a client and have no hesitation in recommending them.
Michael Dixon
Michael Dixon
13:31 23 Jan 18
Polly and her team show a high degree of professionalism and bespoke advice based on the interactions we have had with them since forming a limited company several months ago. We have found them to be very personable and approachable both in person and via email and phone. Their proactive phone calls and emails really help us to stay focused and they are always willing to help and answer questions. We would both highly recommend the Leep team to anyone who is looking for sound financial/accounts advice.
Simon Hargreaves
Simon Hargreaves
14:52 20 Mar 18
LeeP Financial are like the Charlie's Angels of accountancy; smart, sassy and they always solve the mystery – luckily for me, that's the mystery of my financial arrangements. As a small freelance business, LeeP gave me their full attention and took a weight off my mind. Highly recommended.
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